10 Fantastic Nature Photographers to Follow and Get Inspired on Instagram


With over 130 million users, the world has seen such a huge tsunami of photography lovers on Instagram. Over the few years ago, we never had camera Smartphones and the appetite to devour photos of saucers, slippers, shadows, reflections, and obviously, the ever-present cat. It is expected to draw some of the best nature photographers who are going to snap the stunning world around with more creativity and care than the rest of other 130 million. So, don’t miss these photographers out of your Instagram feed –

Kevin Russ (64,318 followers)

Kevin Russ is a dedicated nature and wildlife photographer who spent the whole year in the American Wild West and it has been documented with his iPhone camera. A lot of his pictures are captured without using filters and they bump up the beauty of landscape.

Cole Rise (636,741 Followers)

The number of followers he has is truly amazing but he deserves it. As a pilot, he has the best views of the world and his photos prove that his best work is something closer to the ground. His few shots got the best treatment. He is also behind a venture, Lite.ly which is around photo presets for Aperture, Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. You can download wallpapers inspired by Instagram for your device and buy prints from the shop.

Marcus Rodriguez (3104 Followers)

Here, the follower count pales when it comes to anyone else in this list. He has amazing passion in photography. He carries around his Canon 60D and he shoots with the DSLR and uploads the same to Instagram after processing the photos in Snapseed. The best thing is that his photos describe what he takes care.

Angeliki Jackson (158,687 Followers)

Her photos are not related to the landscapes and she is more focused on cityscapes in and across New York City. She captures the simplicity in daily things. It makes me look around my world and we are going to see it mindful eye. It will definitely work for you.

Serken Demirci (80,353 Followers)

He is a Turkey-based professional photographer and he makes great use of filters. But you are going to see the end result. Landscape shots intersperse with shots of architectural landmarks and cityscapes. He is all around the web in all the well-known photo hotspots like Pinterest, Facebook and 500px.

Ricky (73658 Followers)

His photography is more based on real up-close to the natural world and less about sweeping the natural landscapes. He is passionate on macro photography. On his blog, he says that he is inspired from wild iguanas, autumn leaves, mountain goats, dew on grass, beach sunrises and rare wildflowers. The iPhone calls for specialized macro lenses for this photography genre and he has a few tips for you if you love his blog.

Brenton Clarke Little (130,222 Followers)

When it comes to list Instagrammers with differing styles, we have just stumbled upon Brenton Clarke Little. By profession, he is a graphic designer who lives around Ozark Plateau in central US. The narrow valley floors and steep valleys are just ideal for landscape shots. Without using filters heavily, his photography brings the natural beauty of his region.

Mike Kus (598,236 Followers)

This graphic designer knows little bit about symmetry and clean lines. You can visit his official design blog and get a true evidence of this. On his approach, there is a minimalism. But you may ask the secret behind that massive follower count. He just captures his daily life in the UK from cloudscapes to rural countryside, from cityscapes to the beaches.

Cory Richards (76,108 followers)

He is a National Geographic photographer who enjoys huge reputation on Instagram. When it comes to National Geographic, you will imagine the world and all the adventures it has inside. You will obviously think of well-composed pictures. He is a self-confessed professional connoisseur and a Nat-Geo photographer. He is an adventure lover who has been on expedition.

Nir Lesham (166,153 Followers)

The specialty of this Israeli photographer is the sunsets, mountains off the sky, overcast skies, and sunrises. You can have a look at his shots and you will surely want to go and visit these spots. He uses the filters and is almost ready to tinker around with natural colors of sunsets and sunrises.